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Arnie Kuenn

Arnie Kuenn

Link Building Secrets Revealed by Arnie Kuenn and 10 of Today’s Best Link Builders.

Link Building Secrets 2012 - Arnie Kuenn

By now everyone reading this understands the value of engaging content on their website. If you didn’t believe it before 2011, Google’s Panda roll out should have made you a believer by now. Beyond the onsite SEO benefits, excellent content can be a great link building tool as well. I am not talking about creating “link bait,” per se. I am talking about valuable, evergreen content that people will want to naturally share and link to for the benefit of their readers. Content that will be useful years from now – and still attracting links.

Although not a scientific study, we recently analyzed several different types of content on hundreds of websites. We looked to see what content attracted the highest quality links from highest quantity of unique domains. Was it infographics, blog posts, videos, free guides or free tools? It turns out the good old-fashioned blog post that aggregated a number of items is still the best draw. Here are two examples that managed to attract some nice backlinks:

These links help build the authority of your entire domain. So, your challenge is to spend the time to create one awesome piece of content for your website and then promote it. I am willing to bet that instead of spending 10 hours on manual or other link building techniques, if you spend that same time on creating and promoting some “magnetic content,” you will attract more link juice to your site.

We are recommending to more and more of our clients that they move half of their link-building budget to this type of an approach. It takes patience, but it works. Not to mention it has zero risk involved.  To learn more about this and how to come up with content ideas, you can view my recent presentation from Pubcon on SlideShare. And, check out my newly published book Accelerate!, for sale on Amazon.com.

Arnie Kuenn
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