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Garrett French

Garrett French

Link Building Secrets Revealed by Garrett French and 10 of Today’s Best Link Builders.

Link Building Secrets 2012 - Garrett French

We all know the standard guest post opportunity search queries, right? I’m talking about stuff like [KW “guest post”], [KW “about the author”] and even [KW in title “write for us”]. Those queries alone can deliver, depending on the publishing vertical you’re targeting and how deep you query (perhaps hundreds of strong opportunities).

That said, some of my clients sometimes require EVEN LARGER volumes of guest posting opportunities. And sometimes we need opportunities with less strenuous editorial and/or thematic guidelines.

Now, as I evaluate prospective guest post publishers, I copy and paste out several author names I see. Once I’ve finished qualifying my list of prospects, I can then take the authors I found and run them in queries like [KW “Author Name”] and [“Author Name” guest]. You’ll find a few author names that return only a few results that you’ve already seen.

Then you’ll hit the jackpot with a single author who’s published at hundreds of sites along verticals you may not have considered. Often the more prolific authors have specialized in finding those lower-barrier-of-entry, get-your-link-and-go opportunities.

My TRUE secret is my link prospecting tool (contact me for beta test), which I plug my queries into. It queries for me and brings results back in CSV format.

Garrett French