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Link Building Secrets Revealed by Jason Acidre and 10 of Today’s Best Link Builders.

Link Building Secrets 2012 - Jason Acidre

Here’s something that I don’t often see discussed over the web, though I’m quite sure that most experts/pros already know this one.

Building Links to Resource Pages

Resources pages are mostly known to be just another filler page of a website or a secondary sitemap, but not many realize how powerful this type of page is, particularly in containing traffic within the website, as it has high user activity (low bounce rates if used as an entry point for search engine traffic).

Several factors that make a resources page powerful as a destination for links:

  • High user activity, knowing that people will instantly click-through the links within the page.
  • Houses links to highly relevant and resourceful pages within the site, which makes the page more viable to target major industry keywords.
  • The page then becomes a powerful vote for the internal pages it’s linking to, especially when their targeted keywords were used for the internal links. It basically supports/pushes your other pages’ search rankings.
  • There’s a rich snippet version for list pages on Google’s search results, which can increase CTR.
  • Have greater chances of achieving higher search rankings for highly competitive keywords based on the page’s relevance and usability.

Here’s a quick sample:

My blog’s SEO strategies resources page, which is currently ranking #1 for the keyword “SEO strategies.”

Link Building Secrets Jason Acidre

The page has a low bounce rate (46.53%) and has high activity from search engine traffic.

Essentially, link building is easier when your links have strong destination pages.

Pro tip: Hustle on getting the #1 spot, because when you’re already in the top spot for an exact match and specialized industry keyword, you’ll certainly attract and acquire a lot of natural links for that page with your keyword(s) used as anchor text. It’s then easier to request for links directing to your other landing pages with your preferred anchor texts from these new linkers

Jason Acidre