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Jim Boykin

Jim Boykin

Link Building Secrets Revealed by Jim Boykin and 10 of Today’s Best Link Builders.

Link Building Secrets 2012 - Jim Boykin

The size of your team makes a difference. One person can be a successful, dedicated link builder, but when you have multiple people working together toward the same goal you have an advantage.  Aside from the intangibles, like support, motivation and inspiration, there is a cross-sharing of information, opportunities and resources. It also makes a huge difference in scalability. The principle of two heads being better than one definitely applies in link building.

Social media and information sharing networks are extremely valuable. But when it comes to getting links, with all the tools and mass contact opportunities on the Web, my favorite way to get links is still one-on-one contact.

Getting trusted back links is a function of three things: quality content, domain credibility and the right promotion. If any one of those is missing, your link campaign will most likely fail. Quality content comes from research on what people WANT to share. Domain credibility is based on your level of expertise as it applies to your content. And the right promotion comes from targeting the best audience for your content in a personal way.

Tools are an amazing resource when it comes to link building. They help with the research and strategic planning for your campaign. They also help provide opportunities and resources. Finally, tools will help your monitor your KPI’s and track your success. Without the right tools, building links is like digging a ditch with a spoon. Yeah, you’ll get there eventually, but it would have gone a lot faster with a back hoe.

Jim Boykin
SEO and CEO of Internet Marketing Ninjas