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Peter da Vanzo

Peter da Vanzo

Link Building Secrets Revealed by Peter da Vanzo and 10 of Today’s Best Link Builders.

Link Building Secrets 2012 - Peter da Vanzo

What would you rather do? Spend years begging for links, or have the best links in your industry come to you, without you having to ask?

Then write killer – and I mean absolutely killer – content. Undertake unique research. Don’t just recycle what is already in the public domain. If you’ve seen it, so has everyone else.

Publish an article based on your unique research. Include data. People love charts and data. In the article, link out to the top influencers in your market. Quote something they have said in the past that relates to your topic. The top influencers are likely to follow the inbound links back to your site, and what will they find? An article worth shouting about. Repeat every few months. Links you can’t even buy will come to you – for free.

Peter Da Vanzo
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