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Build a Web Presence That Outsmarts, Outperforms, and Outlasts Search Engines

Stop chasing algorithms. Make them chase YOU!

Succeeding online in today’s environment takes more than basic SEO. No longer can you rank #1 in the search engines by simply stuffing the right keywords in the right places. Even if you could, top search rankings are no longer the be all end all.

Today, you need more than an awesome website. You need an extraordinary web presence that spans beyond your website and search rankings. An extraordinary web presence includes laser focus on website usability, super valuable content, a unique voice, and a compelling social media presence.

In this presentation, originally a Summit on Content Marketing session, industry pioneer Stoney deGeyter will guide you through these components and more, helping you build a web presence that will truly outsmart, outperform, and outlast search engines.

In this webinar you’ll learn:

  • Why simply being good isn’t good enough
  • Why you need more than keywords and links to survive in Google’s ever-changing algorithm
  • How to be extraordinary
  • The importance of a company’s website voice and some common types of voices
  • The elements of a compelling website experience

Speaker: Stoney deGeyter, CEO & Project Manager

Watch Time: 00:52:29

Download Build an SEO Campaign that Outsmarts, Outperforms and Outlasts Google slides on SlideShare.