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WP Function Links

WP Function Links


Use a shortcode to generate clickable links for website functions that do NOT cause a loss of link juice, keeping more link authority on your pages.

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The Problem:

Many website links are not actually links to new or unique content but functions for the visitor. However, because these functions often lead to unique web URLs, search engines allow those “links” to lose link value. Value that is ultimately lost on URLs that produce no inherent value to searchers.

Types of Functions:

The following are typical functions that utilize traditional hyperlinks. More often than not, you never want searchers to land on these unique URLs.

  • sort
  • compare
  • add to cart
  • filter
  • email
  • email this page
  • view cart
  • view account
  • login
  • logout
  • socialize
  • add to wishlist
  • review

The Solution:

WP Function Links plugin allows you to create clickable hyperlinks on your WordPress site specifically for these types of functions. The plugin creates the ability for you to remove these functions from traditional a href links. The visitor is then able execute the function no differently than before but without it being treated as a link to another URL.

Since these functions are generally not accessible to most search engine bots it won’t interfere with the search engine spidering processes, allowing the search engines to use their resources following actual links to valuable pages.


  1. Search for the “WP Function Links” plugin from your WordPress website
  2. Click the “Install Now” button
  3. Activate the plugin

How it Works:

By using the shortcode below on each function link, the plugin will dynamically generate functional hyperlinks using vanilla Javascript that looks and responds just like the real thing. The user experience is seamless.

This plugin should work in all modern browsers, but is incompatible with IE versions 8 and 9 (approximately 4% of all web users).

How to Create a Function Link

To create a function link, simply use the following shortcode example:

      [function_link url="Your_URL"]My Link Text[/function_link]

It’s that simple! Use that code in lieu of the typical a href code for a link and the plugin does the rest. There are additional options below that are not required, but do add flexibility when using this plugin.

Optional: Set the link’s target

The shortcode accepts a “target” attribute. This attribute controls how “link” will be opened and has a default value of “_self” to open links in the current window/tab. The following list contains the accepted attribute values.

  • _blank
  • _parent
  • _self
  • _top

In order to use the target attribute, your shortcode should resemble the following example:

      [function_link url="Your_URL" target="_blank"]My Link Text[/function_link]

Optional: Set the link’s title

The shortcode also accepts one more attribute, the “title”. This title attribute will be the text that displays when a user hovers over the text. To use this attribute follow this example:

      [function_link url="Your_URL" title="Link_Title"]My Link Text[/function_link]


We do not offer premium support by phone or email for this plugin. We do however, handle support issues and feature requests through the WordPress.org plugin page. You can submit a support topic here.