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Web Analytics Consulting Services

It’s overwhelmingly easy to get Web analytics data on your website. Just plug in a few lines of code and voilà… data. But, a vast canyon exists between looking at data and gaining insight from it. As a business owner, marketer or webmaster, you don’t want to look at website reports unless they can tell you what you should do. You don’t want to just know what happened. You want to know why it happened because you can then take actions that lead to bottom-line outcomes.

At Pole Position Marketing, we won’t let you waste your time, money and energy looking at data that doesn’t offer actionable insights. Our Web analytics consulting service will assist you in getting past the numbers to the intelligence that matters. We can integrate analytics with your business goals and strategies, so that you can make online marketing decisions with confidence.

Goal Analysis and Recommendations

Reporting numbers is one thing. Taking action is another. The goal of good Web analytics providers should not be to give you graphs that go up and to the right. It ought to be showing you what to stop or start next to grow your business.

If every time you look at a website report you think, “so what?”, Pole Position Marketing’s Web analytics services can help. Our Web analytics consultant will work with you to determine why your website exists and how well it’s meeting the goals of its existence. Without great answers to these questions, the numbers don’t matter.

Allow us to use our advanced knowledge of Web traffic and data segmentation to uncover the valuable intelligence that can be gained from analytics. From that, we’ll determine the best strategy to drive action that improves your business.

Website Architecture

Do you know all the reasons visitors come to your website? Are they able to easily complete the tasks they came to do? Many website owners have never even thought about these questions but simply allow their sites to be designed according to “best practices.” The problem is that your Web users are probably a quirky sort of bunch. They don’t necessarily want “best practices,” unless that helps them find what they’re looking for and accomplish their mission for being on the Web. Every website’s visitors are unique. Solving for the customer experience is critical. Frustrate a visitor just a little and they may be gone for good, only to buy from a competitor.

At Pole Position Marketing, we can review and/or re-organize your website to create the positive website experience your visitors are looking for. We construct the site so that common tasks are easy to find and complete. We also give you optimization recommendations that will help boost customer engagement, conversion and task completion, resulting in more satisfied customers and a growing business.

Monthly Status Reports

The key to finding insights that drive action and grow your business is monitoring how things change over time. Once you establish your goals and take action to meet them, it’s important to stay on top of the results. This shows what’s working (or not working), why it’s working (or not working), and what you should do about it.

However, you may dealing with a ton of data in your Web analytics tool, jumping from report to report to see what is important to you. Our Web analytics services can help you solve this problem by providing monthly status reports that condense your Web data and focus on what’s important to actually growing your business.