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Version History

Version History

We are no longer able to provide support for the WP-SpamFree plugin,
as we currently do not have the internal resources to maintain the plugin
or respond to support requests. We apologize for any inconvenience.

Version, released 02/05/10

  • Fixed a minor bug.

Version, released 10/03/09

  • Fixed a minor bug.

Version, released 07/11/09

  • Improving detection for logged-in users.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented some users from responding to comments through the admin.

Version, released 07/02/09

  • Fixed a glitch that affected a small percentage of users.

Version, released 07/01/09

  • Improved compatibility on certain quirky servers / web hosts.

Version, released 06/30/09

  • Modified “Blocked Comment Logging Mode” to stay on 7 days instead of 3.
  • Modified to not run spam tests on logged in Editors and Authors. (It already didn’t run spam tests on blog Administrators.)

Version, released 06/27/09

  • Improved comment spam protection.
  • Updated dnsstuff.com links. (They updated their site so the previous ones had stopped working.)

Version, released 06/19/09

  • Improved comment spam protection.
  • Added optional “Company” field to Contact Form.
  • Added info to the Contact Form emails to let you know which blog it originated from. Helpful if you have multiple blogs. Just be sure that “Include user technical data in email.” is turned on in the options.

Version, released 06/11/09

  • Improved comment spam protection.

Version 2.1, released 06/09/09

  • Improved comment spam protection.
  • Added Enhanced Comment Blacklist option. Instead of just sending comments to moderation as with WordPress’s default Comment Blacklist functionality, with this turned on, anything that matches a string in the blacklist will be completely blocked. Also adds a link in the comment notification emails that will let you blacklist a commentor’s IP with one click.
  • Added option to block users behind a proxy server. Many spammers hide behind proxies so you can’t see their real IP. This is turned on by default but you can turn it off in the options.
  • Added option to hide extra technical data in notification emails.

Version, released 06/05/09

  • Improved comment spam protection.

Version, released 06/04/09

  • Added additional technical data about submitter to comment notification emails, including referrer and more. Helpful if you want to submit a potential spam sample to us for review.

Version, released 06/02/09

  • Fixed a bug that was introduced in

Version, released 05/31/09

  • Improved comment spam protection.
  • Added option to Log All Comments. When you have Blocked Comment Logging Mode turned on, turn this on as well to log all comments, not just the blocked ones. Also, helpful if you want to submit a spam sample that you feel should have been blocked by the plugin. This provides extra data that helps us improve the plugin.

Version, released 05/16/09

  • Bug fix: Fixed a contact form glitch that was introduced in version

Version, released 05/16/09

  • Improved comment spam protection.
  • Made minor mods to contact form to make it easier for CSS customization.

Version, released 05/14/09

  • Improved comment spam protection.

Version, released 05/12/09

  • Added an option to set your own thank you message upon successful contact form submission. Can be plain text or HTML. Can be a simple message, can be HTML code, can be an ad…whatever you like. Up to you to make sure it looks good though and doesn’t break your page.

Version, released 05/11/09

  • Improved spam protection.

Version, released 05/02/09

  • Improved compatibility for Blocked Comment Logging Mode.

Version, released 04/24/09

  • Improved spam protection.

Version, released 04/18/09

  • CSS improvement on Contact Form. Prevents CSS glitches in IE.

Version, released 04/10/09

  • Improved spam protection.

Version, released 04/08/09

  • Improved spam protection.

Version, released 03/16/09

  • Fixed a bug caused by WordPress’ built-in plugin-upgrade deleting a file during extraction. (Those who upgraded or installed through WordPress were affected. Those who uploaded v2.0 through FTP were fine.)

Version 2.0, released 03/16/09

  • Added “Blocked Comment Logging Mode”. Temporary diagnostic mode that logs blocked comments and contact form submissions for 3 days, then turns off automatically. If you want to see what’s been blocked, or verify that everything is working, turn this on and see what WP-SpamFree is protecting your blog from. It writes to a simple text file to keep the spam out of the database (for security) and minimize database access. The log is cleared each time you turn on this feature. Also, if you experience any technical issues, this will help with diagnosis, as you can email this log file to support if necessary.
  • Added option for small graphic counters to display spam stats in addition to the existing normal-sized ones.
  • Added Widget for displaying spam counter. Shows small counter #1. Now you can show stats without knowing any code.
  • Miscellaneous minor interface enhancements.

Version, released 03/10/09

  • Added a Reply-To header in the emails generated by the contact form.

Version, released 03/10/09

  • Fixed a CSS issue.

Version, released 03/07/09

  • Added 3 new background options for the spam counter display.

Version, released 02/26/09

  • Fixed a CSS issue.
  • Adjusted the frequency of regenerating a new random key. Helpful for high-traffic blogs.
  • Updated error messages.
  • Clarified some wording on the options page.

Version, released 02/23/09

  • Fixed a minor formatting issue.

Version, released 02/22/09

  • Improved spam protection.
  • Added option to use two methods to set cookies. This adds a secondary non-JavaScript method to set cookies in addition to the standard JS method.

Version, released 02/20/09

  • Updated documentation.
  • Added option to turn off the inclusion of meta user data in email. (Browser, IP Address, User-Agent, etc.)
  • Modified Installation Status test to be more compliant with new WP 2.6+ customization features. Backward compatible with older versions as well.
  • Improved error messages.

Version, released 02/15/09

  • Modified contact form email functionality. Switched from mail() function to wp_mail().

Version, released 02/12/09

  • Fixed issue occurring with plugin options page.
  • Improved code structure to be compliant with new WP 2.6+ customization features. Backward compatible with older versions as well.
  • Performance improvements.

Version, released 02/11/09

  • Improved overall spam protection.

Version, released 02/10/09

  • Improved compatibility. This mod prevents some plugin conflicts.

Version, released 02/09/09

  • Fixed a minor bug.

Version, released 02/09/09

  • Updated documentation.
  • Improved overall spam protection.

Version, released 02/06/09

  • Improved compatibility.

Version, released 01/21/09

  • Improved overall spam protection.

Version, released 09/18/08

  • Made error messages more helpful and user-friendly.
  • Improved comment spam protection.
  • Improved trackback/pingback spam protection.

Version 1.6.4, released 04/10/08

  • Improved comment spam protection.
  • Improved trackback/pingback spam protection.

Version 1.6.3, released 04/08/08

  • Improved trackback/pingback spam protection.

Version 1.6.1, released 04/07/08

  • Improved trackback/pingback spam protection.

Version 1.6, released 04/06/08

  • Improved comment spam protection.
  • Improved trackback and pingback spam protection.

Version 1.5.8, released 03/30/08

  • Modified to work with WordPress 2.5. WordPress 2.5 broke many plugins and themes. If you have any problems with 1.5.8, please submit a support request.
  • Now compatible with WP Super Cache gzip compression.

Version 1.5.7, released 03/27/08

  • Improved compatibility with WP Super Cache. Ironically, to do this I removed WP Super Cache compatibility mode. Several users reported having trouble with that feature, and after dialog with several users and further testing, we found it worked better without. (One of the joys of programming – sometimes you think you’re fixing one problem and you end up creating a new one. It’s fixed now though.) Seems to be working fine with WP Super Cache now, but if any of you have conflicts with WP super Cache and version 1.5.7, please submit a support request so we can look into it ASAP. (See Troubleshooting for more info.)
  • Improved spam protection.

Version 1.5.6, released 03/22/08

  • Addition of Installation Status on plugin admin page to let site owner know if plugin has been installed correctly.
  • Minor code efficiency improvements.

Version 1.5.4, released 03/15/08

  • Addition of configuration option to Disable Trackbacks and/or Pingbacks if spam through these channels proves excessive.
  • Addition of WP Super Cache compatibility mode, which can be turned on in the Options section of admin page.

Version 1.5.3, released 02/27/08

  • Minor upgrade that slightly improves compatibility and code efficiency.

Version 1.5, released 02/25/08

  • Improved spam protection!
  • A counter on your WordPress Dashboard so you can see how many spammers WP-SpamFree has kicked in the head!
  • Added advanced verification methods that make WP-SpamFree tougher to beat by potential evolutions in spambots.
  • It now creates multiple randomly generated verification keys, across several methods, including random cookie values (so bots can’t just set a value and hit the page), along a few other tricks that make it extremely difficult for spambots to bypass.
  • Now uses WordPress’s database to store important data. Don’t worry, though – we’re still keeping the overhead light so it doesn’t slow down your blog.
  • Even more improvements are in the works for future releases. Stay tuned!

Version 1.3.1, released 01/22/08

  • This release is a bug fix. It was brought to my attention that one of the recent feature upgrades in version 1.3 disabled a blog’s ability to receive trackbacks and pingbacks. This is now fixed.

Version 1.3, released 01/20/08

  • This is a major upgrade!!
  • Super-simple installation – truly plug and play. No need to edit external files!! I’ve been working on making this possible since version 1.01 and finally got the bugs worked out.
  • [UPDATE – The following is rolled back in 1.3.1, because of compatibility issues, but will be re-released in a future version.]Added advanced verification methods that enable WP-SpamFree to beat potential evolutions in spambots. It now creates multiple randomly generated verification keys, and a few other tricks that make it extremely difficult for comment spambots to bypass.[/UPDATE]

Version 1.2, released 01/17/08

  • Improved JavaScript compatibility with Internet Explorer 6 and 7. Even though everything worked perfectly in all browsers, it triggered a JavaScript error icon in the bottom of the Internet Explorer browser window due to IE’s lack of standards compliance. This worried a few users, so I took care of it.

Version 1.1, released 01/13/08

  • Improved security by preventing site visitors from browsing contents of private directories.
  • Improved SEO by ensuring plugin pages don’t get indexed in search engines. You don’t want backend pages indexed for a number of reason, including security.

Version 1.03, released 12/01/07

  • Improved compatibility and minor bug fixes.

Version 1.02, released 11/14/07

  • While 1.01 fixed several of the problems with 1.0, it somehow interfered with comment moderation. To fix it I begrudgingly had to go back to manually editing the wp-comments-post.php file. I was trying to make the installation process as simple as possible for users. That’s one of the frustrating things in development — you fix one problem and another pops up. C’est la vie. I’ll keep working on eliminating the external editing for future versions.
  • The installation process is still very easy.

Version 1.01, released 11/13/07

  • Simplified installation — now it’s a breeze. No need to edit external files as in Version 1.0.
  • Improved compatibility.

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