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Pay-Per-Click (PPC)

Advertise with confidence with campaigns managed by Pole Position Marketing. With accurate visitor and conversion tracking, we adjust based on results to achieve the highest ROI for your campaigns.

Fully Accountable PPC Campaigns

People are searching the web for what you offer. Are they finding you? You know your product or service will make their lives better. Do they know you exist? Paid search advertising and pay-per-click services may be the best way to make sure they do.

The right pay-per-click company can help you get found. With PPC, your prospects can discover you where they are hanging out on the web. Whether it’s via search engine results or targeted web pages, good pay-per-click management will meet your prospects’ needs and answer their questions.

Organic and PPC Rankings Together Deliver More

A variety of paid search and PPC service options can help you achieve search results on important keywords you may not be ranking for organically. In addition, you can own more real estate by ranking for both paid and organic results at same time – a technique that has proven to increase overall traffic and conversions.

At Pole Position Marketing, a leading web marketing agency and pay-per-click firm, we can build and manage your advertising and pay-per-click service campaign through Internet search and display channels, making you the answer your prospects are looking for. And we handle PPC services at a cost and ROI that works for your business.

We’ll ensure that you:

  • Show up for keywords your prospects are using to find what you offer
  • Move targeted web users into the shopping funnel by getting their attention as they surf the web
  • Receive what you expect from your advertising investment
  • Maximize your returns through advanced paid search management principles and techniques

Advertise With Confidence

When you choose Pole Position Marketing to be the PPC firm in charge of your account and each bid made, you can be confident that your campaigns are fully accountable. With accurate visitor and conversion tracking, you are able to see exactly what your money is doing for your business and immediately adjust based on results. This allows us to achieve guaranteed profitability for you on every dollar spent.

Where it really gets good: We have the ability to provide ongoing, professional optimization of your campaigns to build long-term online business success and growth.

In addition to paid search and PPC management, we also offer social network advertising, display advertising, remarketing and landing page optimization.

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