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Maria deGeyter

Maria deGeyter

Office Manager & Billing

VP & Office Manager Maria deGeyter

Maria is the beloved office manager at PPM, happily serving both clients and co-workers alike. She greets everyone with a smile and keeps things running smoothly around the office.

She often says that being an office manager is like being a personal assistant, administrative assistant, mini-accountant (or mini-CFO, as she likes to call it), personal shopper, event planner, receptionist and human resources guru all rolled into one. It can be quite challenging at times, but being made from that hearty Italian stock, Maria can handle it!

On a more personal note, Maria is one of the shortest adult human beings that most other adults (and children) know, so she’s affectionately referred to as “shorty-pie” by those who try to make her feel good about her stature. It’s a cute name, but little do they know, her older sister is only 4’9,” so she’s the “tall” one in the family. No self-esteem boost needed there! And, she walks away . . . tall.

When she is away from the crew, Maria loves being with her family and cherishes fellowship time with her close friends. She is a creative mind that thrives on beautifying the environments around her – or around you. In other words, she wants to decorate her house and your house! So, if you need her outside of work hours, check the home décor or paint department first.

Contact Maria: [email protected] | 866-685-3374 Ext. 101