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Stoney deGeyter

CEO & Project Manager

CEO & Project Manager Stoney deGeyter

As a living entity, Stoney deGeyter has been around for nearly half a century (give or take 10 years so this page doesn’t have to be updated all the time). His early life was remarkably unremarkable. He (mostly) stayed out of trouble, (mostly) got good grades, was (mostly) well liked and was (mostly) fun to hang with. He is, after all, an all-around nice guy. That’s what it says on his business card.

Stoney has been an overachiever for a good portion of his life, skipping 8th grade, graduating at the age of 16 with an honors diploma, and then going on to start a web marketing business while working a full-time job. (We’ll ignore his dropping out of college and unwillingness to stay at any single job for more than a year!) Stoney’s ADD, anal-retentive nature and perfectionism made him a prime candidate to be his own damn boss, thank you very much. But he really does get along well with clients! Promise.

Stoney started Pole Position Marketing from his bedroom and quickly expanded to his living room, where he homeschooled his children at the time. Eventually PPM outgrew the living room and deserved an office of its own, growing from one to a half dozen (give or take a half dozen, for the same reasons noted above) employees and sub-contractors. Talented people, every last one of them!

Stoney has been known to spin a yarn or two at some of the major SEO and marketing conferences around the globe, giving SEO-related talks, training and presentations each year at venues such as PubCon Las Vegas, PubCon Hawaii, SEMpdx Searchfest, Search Engine Strategies NY, Search Engine Strategies Toronto and SMX West. He’s also presented for L’Oréal in New York and the Cleveland chapter of the Public Relations Society of America (PRSA). By the time you read this, there will be more to add to that list, but we can’t all overachieve.

Stoney writes tirelessly about SEO, website architecture, usability, and other digital marketing topics. His musings, for better or worse, have been published on Search Engine Land, Marketing LandSearch Engine Journal, and more. He’s also the main contributor at Pole Position Marketing’s E-Marketing Performance blog.

In 2014, Stoney released his first book, The Best Damn Web Marketing Checklist, Period!. Stoney has also been quoted in WSJ.com and written about in MSN’s Business On Main. In addition, he has written several ebooks.

In his free time, Stoney likes to… ha, ha, just kidding. Stoney doesn’t have any free time. But with what off-work time he manages to dig up, Stoney reads all kinds of books, works in Christian ministries, loves his “Bride Enjoy,” enjoys his kids,  and looks for ways to create a more productive work environment for his employees and increase ROI for his clients.

See? He really is an all-around nice guy!

Contact Stoney: Stoney@ppmkg.com | 866-685-3374 Ext. 103


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