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SEO Guarantees

SEO Guarantees

Pole Position Marketing wants to ensure you–the client—are totally and completely satisfied with our services. There really is no way to guarantee specific rankings in any one particular search engine for any one particular phrase. Even Google will tell you that SEOs cannot guarantee #1 rankings. Those that do give such guarantees include enough small print that they become useless in real-world practice.

The most common guarantee claim is that you will get X number of first page rankings. There are a number of ways to “wiggle” out of this with small print. 1) Rankings are achieved for non-competitive (and sometimes non-targeted) keyword phrases that drive virtually no targeted traffic to your site. 2) Rankings achieved on very minor search engines (such as Alta Vista and Excite) are counted toward achieving this goal.

We strive to implement the most comprehensive strategies and measures for achieving search engine rankings, return on investment, keyword visibility and more. Pole Position Marketing promises to make the strongest effort to achieve top search engine placement for your chosen targeted keyword phrases on the top four search engines. Our primary goal is to increase your sales, not just rankings and traffic. We understand that our success as a marketing agency depends on your success. In order to keep you as a satisfied client we will do everything within our control and within search engine guidelines to make your online marketing efforts a success.

Uncontrollable Factors that Effect Optimization and Rankings

As search engines continually adapt and adjust their ranking algorithms, there are many factors that are outside of any marketers’ control. A sudden shift in a search engine algorithm can cause hard earned rankings to suddenly vanish from the top results. If this happens on a search engine that commands a large search market share, the results can be devastating.

To compensate for the normal fluctuations in rankings, Pole Position Marketing can manage your existing or create a new pay-per-click advertising strategy to ensure that traffic will be delivered to your site at all times, regardless of sudden algorithm changes, non-indexing of page changes, sudden surges of competition, or whatever else may cause your rankings to fall suddenly and unexpectedly. For many this can be a worthwhile stop-gap measure until new rankings can be achieved.

While most factors in achieving top rankings can and will be implemented on your site, it is impossible for us to accurately predict what rankings will be achieved or the amount of time it will take to achieve them. Below are some factors that can stall, delay or hinder a site from achieving top rankings on the search engines:

  • Newness of Site
    Search engines tend to prefer sites with a history behind them. While we achieve numerous top rankings for new websites regularly it should be noted that new sites take quite a bit longer to surpass their competition in the rankings. Overnight success should not be expected.
  • Link Popularity and Page Rank
    Search engines rely quite heavily on quality and relevance of inbound links pointing to your site from other websites. Each of our promotion strategies includes a base link-building service; however this may not be enough, especially for newer sites. We strongly recommend purchasing additional link building if rankings are slow in coming.
  • Keyword Selection
    Pole Position Marketing will provide as much information as possible during the keyword selection process and will assist you in any way we can, however there are some keywords that due to competition, saturation and context, which are extremely difficult, if not impossible, to get ranked. If such terms are ultimately chosen, Pole Position Marketing will work diligently to achieve top rankings for these terms just as any other, however rankings for some keywords may be elusive for months, if not years.
  • Optimization Strategy Implementation
    Due to individual site design and constraints, we may not be able to implement all of our optimization recommendations. We will make every effort to communicate with you the necessity of such changes and also work with your webmaster to find solutions so that as many recommended changes as possible may implemented. Failure to implement specific optimization strategies may hinder site rankings.
  • Promotion Investment
    The depth and detail of the optimization strategy purchased can greatly effect optimization of your site as a whole. Sites with very few optimized pages will not perform as well, in general, as sites optimizing many pages for many keywords. In fact, it is more difficult to achieve top rankings for a three-page optimization strategy than a 5-page strategy. Search engines tend to prefer sites with numerous pages each targeted and optimized for a general overall site theme.
  • Search Engine Reliability
    From time to time search engines go through periods where they become unreliable. Either they are not actively indexing page changes, going through an adjustment period, or inexplicably revert to an old database. These factors are 100% outside of anybody’s control except for the search engine engineers, and the only course of action is to wait for the engine to get back on track.