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Social Media Optimization

Social Media Optimized for Search & Your Target Customers

When searching for your brand online, do your social media profiles and social content turn up in your target customers’ search results? Do your social profiles and the content you’re sharing engage and grab the attention of your target customers?

Social media optimization is all about making sure your brand resonates with your target customers through social media and social content in the search engines.

Social Profile Optimization

Each social network offers different settings for business accounts and profile options. For example, on Twitter, you have very limited space for a description of your business, but on Facebook you can have multiple description fields. Often when businesses create social profiles for their business, they do so quickly and don’t take advantage of all of the opportunities to communicate with their audience.

Pole Position Marketing can review your existing accounts to make sure all of the settings are optimal and compose information for your social profiles that will be search engine and user friendly.

Social Content Optimization

What does content from your website look like when it’s shared on social media? Is there a large image accompanying the link on Facebook? Or only a tiny thumbnail? What is the title of the page that is shared?

All of these items can be customized through the use of Open Graph Tags. Customizing the title, link description and image that displays when your content is shared on social media can greatly impact the number of people who will click through to your website.

Depending on your business, Pinterest can be a big source of referral traffic. If you’re a B2C online retailer, you can implement Rich Pins that will include special data about your products like price and availability when shared on Pinterest.

We can review your social content and assist you with implementing the right type of tags to increase social referral traffic to your website.


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