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Social Media Strategy

A Social Media Strategy from Pole Position Marketing will help you build a powerful social media presence to drive business growth.

Social Media That Meets Your Business Goals

A number of businesses dive head first into social media simply because it’s something they were told they should do. They have a presence on every network and are quick to jump on the latest and greatest new platform.

This causes big problems as it stretches the businesses too far. They spend too much time and money on networks that will never bear fruit for them. Or they are wasting time doing the wrong things on those networks.

Yes, social media is essential for a strong web presence, but you must have a strategy. Not every social network is going to be right for your business, and each network that you decide to participate on requires a unique approach.

Pole Position Marketing can develop a valuable Social Media Strategy for you that does more than pay lip service to social media involvement. Our strategy will help you choose the right networks and formulate a plan to build a loyal audience on those platforms–the right way–all with the goal of meeting your business objectives.

In the strategy, we will:

  • Review your current social media presence and illustrate successes and missed opportunities
  • Determine measurable business goals for your social activity
  • Identify your buyer personas
  • Pinpoint the networks on which those personas are active
  • Recommend content and tactics that will engage your audience and achieve your business goals
  • Explain how to optimize your social profiles
  • Research your competitors to uncover additional opportunities


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