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Annalisa Hilliard

Annalisa Hilliard

Search Presence Strategist

Search Presence Strategist Annalisa HilliardWhen you ask Annalisa where she’s from, she’ll tell you without hesitation – Indiana, Pennsylvania. If you’re confused, don’t worry. She’s used to it. Virtually no one else but actor Jimmy Stewart knows where the small town of Indiana is in the huge state of Pennsylvania, and, sadly, he died in 1997.

So, hailing from the great state of Pennsylvania, Annalisa brings the heart and determination of a champion to the Pole Position Marketing team. (Ever heard of the Pittsburgh Steelers? It’s been rumored that when she bleeds, it’s black and gold!) As most people would, Annalisa got tired of always being surrounded by winning sports teams, so she moved to Ohio, where sports teams are rumored to be under a curse. Except if you are talking about the team that she works with – they are the best anyone could ever hope to play for.

She graduated from Malone University with a degree in communication arts, with an emphasis in public relations and an almost minor in marketing.  So, you might ask how she got into SEO…

While in college she got a job selling the legal drug we all know as caffeine – yeah, it was before slinging coffee was cool. She enjoyed the work environment and the company she worked for offered great benefits, but crafting espresso drinks didn’t leave her feeling intellectually stimulated. Thus began her quest to find something more challenging. She decided to work her way into management, but after being an assistant manager for two years, she became the product of corporate downsizing. Feeling down, but not out, she assessed her options. She had just been accepted into a master’s program at Kent State University, where she wanted to pursue a master’s in Sociology. However, her current unemployment left her no choice but to get a part-time job and put going back to school on hold . . . some may call this misfortune, but she calls it Destiny!

While visiting with a friend and discussing her interests and skill-set, her friend mentioned the web marketing agency he worked for was looking for an intern. Although she wasn’t sure at the time exactly what “web marketing” involved, it piqued her interest. After interviewing for and being offered the position, she eagerly accepted!

She became the “favorite” un-paid intern. It was the perfect fit! She impressed us with her ability to work hard and we offered her a full-time job (with pay!).  The days of interning are a distant memory and when she reflects back on it realizes how much she’s learned.

Although she started out doing mostly link building, she has transitioned with the industry into other disciplines of web marketing. Her knowledge and passion is for SEO and local search. She is very happy to have spent the last several years doing something she truly loves. While her familiarity with the industry has grown vastly, she strongly believes that knowledge and experience go hand in hand and loves to use what she knows to achieve maximum results for clients.

In her free time, she enjoys traveling, reading and binge watching the latest TV series she’s hooked on. She also has a competitive nature that beckons her to participate in endurance challenges. So, keep your eyes peeled. You might run into her while she trains at all hours of the day for her next bicycling century. One of her goals is to ride her bike down the West Coast. Go, Annalisa!

Contact Annalisa: annalisa@ppmkg.com | 866-685-3374 Ext. 106