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Deb Briggs

Deb Briggs

Brand Content Strategist

Brand Content Strategist Deb BriggsFaster than a speeding tweet! More powerful than a well-placed keyword! Able to leap tall blogs in a single bound! It’s Pole Position’s Content Marketing Strategist! Deb knows good content when she sees it, whether it’s an informative blog, content marketing campaign or fully optimized web page.

Just like Clark Kent, Deb got her start in newspapers, working as a reporter covering everything from school board meetings to new business openings to agricultural articles on farm equipment—which is pretty funny for a self-described city slicker and shopaholic. But she caught the writing bug and continued to hone her skills while working for an automotive trade magazine for 10 years.

Considering that even Clark Kent might be out of a job today, Deb became interested in online avenues to use her writing skills and found the position she holds today—or maybe it found her? Either way, she’d love the opportunity to help you develop your content marketing strategy and produce great content that gets noticed.

When she’s not optimizing a web page or writing a blog, Deb enjoys spending time with her husband and two young boys. Annual family trips to the beach—any beach—are mandatory and not an option. If she’s not at the beach, then you’ll probably find Debbie at Target sipping a vanilla chai, at the gym or catching up on her favorite TV shows.

Contact Deb: Deb@ppmkg.com | 866-685-3374 Ext. 104