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Julie Graff

Julie Graff

Brand Engagement Strategist

Social Content Liaison Julie GraffJulie’s professional life began in a record store. Remember those? Yeah, neither do her children. But she worked her way through college there, helping customers finding that elusive song (“You know, the one with ‘love’ in the title”) and trying not to go postal when she heard “Holly Jolly Christmas” for the five hundredth time each Christmas season.

Upon earning her bachelor’s degree in Communications from Walsh University in North Canton, Julie left her burgeoning retail career for the newspaper business. As a reporter for four years, she got to ride in a hot air balloon, received flowers from Wayne Newton, and even picked up a husband along the way (no, NOT Wayne Newton). But since she actually wanted to see her family once in awhile and earn a living wage, Julie “sold out” for public relations. After an unfortunate detour into human resources (ask her a benefits question only if you dare), she returned to her writing roots and fell in love with Internet Marketing. All of that led up to her joining the PPM team, where she is happy to finally be working on content and social media marketing full-time.

As PPM’s Social Content Strategist, Julie is in charge of content and social media strategy for PPM and our clients. So if you don’t like what we put out there, it’s her fault! No, in all seriousness, with over five years of experience in Internet Marketing, this self-proclaimed social media junkie knows her stuff. After all, she has been endorsed on LinkedIn for social media, blogging, copywriting, and web content, and people don’t just endorse people for anything on there, right? Oh, they do? Well, we promise, she REALLY does have those skills.

Julie has lived nearly her whole life in Canton, except for a two-year stint where she picked up that aforementioned husband in Newark, OH. She celebrates the Pro Football Hall of Fame festival like it’s Christmas. And while we are the subject of football, she is also a looooooooong-suffering Browns fan.

When away from the Crew, she enjoys spending time with her two puggles and her BFFs—her husband, kids, Mom, Dad and sister. Julie admits to spending way too much time on her Spotify playlists and enjoys coming up with excuses to shop. She also has a gripping addiction to tote bags and mochas, so if you accidentally bring up the subject of benefits, you can probably talk her down with a coffee shop run.

Contact Julie: Julie@ppmkg.com | 866-685-3374 Ext. 108