Kyle Jensen

Kyle Jensen

Analytic Data Specialist

Analytics Specialist Kyle JensenKyle was born and raised on the sunny west coast in Corona, California.  His co-workers thinks he’s just a bit nuts for choosing Ohio over sunshine and sandy beaches, but Kyle is eager to learn and experience new things such as unrelenting snow and perpetual road construction.

The inspiration towards Kyle’s self-proclaimed nerdy lifestyle began in middle school when MySpace was still a relevant and widely used social media website (remember that?).  While MySpace’s domination was short-lived, the impression it left on Kyle was not. The site’s customizable profile designs and layouts sparked an interest in HTML and CSS that led Kyle to explore the wild world of web design and web development. Eventually digging deeper into things like database management and small desktop application programming, Kyle finally discovered Web Marketing.

After high school, Kyle accepted a job as a web content manager with a motorcycle parts manufacturer and was in charge of handling all aspects of their online presence.  Social Media Management,  Online Marketplace Management,  Web Development, and Analytics were all key parts of his job, and his interest in in-depth Web Marketing began to grow because of this.

All of this led to his big move to Ohio and PPM, where he is able to combine his web design and marketing expertise. In addition to handling PPC and SEO implementation, he also gets his hands into a little web development and coding. He is Google Analytics certified, but his true skills come from the experience that comes with hours of analyzing websites and understanding clients’ goals.

When he doesn’t have his eyes plastered to a computer screen,  Kyle likes to be out and about exploring new things.  He enjoys hiking, walking, target shooting, road trips, more walking and really anything else that involves being in an outdoor environment.

Contact Kyle: | 866-685-3374 Ext. 110