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Analytics Audit

Identify areas of your website where you can increase conversions, campaign efficiency and more with an analytics audit from Pole Position Marketing.

Get the Most From Your Data

With a deep dive into your website analytics, this audit gives you valuable, actionable insight into the visitors your site receives. Based on visitor data, you’ll receive suggestions for increasing conversions, visitor loyalty, campaign efficiency and more.

  • What are your best sources of traffic?
  • Which pages can be improved to increase conversions?
  • Who are your quality leads, and where are they coming from?
  • What issues are causing your conversion funnel to stall?
  • How can you convert more mobile leads?

What the Audit Includes

Site Overview

  • Customer experience
  • Company branding
  • Information architecture
  • Conversions
  • Usability

Acquisition Analysis

  • Quality of acquisition
  • Balanced portfolio acquisition channels (Search, Referrers, Direct, Paid, etc.)
  • Channel strengths and weaknesses

Visitor Activity

  • Quality of visitors relationships
  • Analytics reports
  • Visitor frequency
  • Time between visits
  • Visitor time on site
  • Quantity of content consumed

Funnel Visualization

  • Check out process
  • Applications
  • Donations
  • Leads
  • Funnel abandonment/improvement

Worst-Performing Landing Pages

  • Traffic relevance
  • Calls to action and persuasion
  • Page performance analysis
  • Usability

Where are you making money?

  • Goal values definition
  • Content value
  • Growth opportunities

Keyword Overview

  • Prominent keywords
  • Brand or non-brand keywords
  • Key words and business goals alignment

Campaign Efficiency

  • Campaigns performance and conjunction with business goals
  • Per Visit Goal Values
  • Conversion Rates and Conversion Distribution

Conversion Overview

  • Conversions process
  • Conversion rates
  • Site goals and needs.

Intelligence Alerts

  • Recent alerts review
  • Data anomalies

Data Collection

  • Review of currently collected data
  • Business KPI development & set up
  • Visitors segments


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