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Bob Gladstein

Bob Gladstein

Link Building Secrets Revealed 2008 - Bob Gladstein

Link building expert Bob Gladstein dishes out a never-before revealed link building strategy.

My methods are pretty straightforward. I’m big on:

  • Niche directories (getting listed in them and sometimes building them).
  • Professional organizations.
  • Getting videos onto YouTube with a link back to the client site in the description (although very few of my clients have had any reason for video).
  • Blogging, or really any concerted effort to create a good deal of content that will mark them as knowledge leaders in their field.
  • Getting the client involved in niche forums, blogs, and other social networks.
  • I’m planning on trying out Vanessa Fox’s recent suggestion of using flickr.
  • I’ll occasionally check a competitor’s links, but usually just when it’s fairly apparent that it’s their links that are getting them their rankings.

What I generally don’t do:

  • I almost never do the old reciprocal link email request bit anymore. There has to be a very good reason for me to try it, and I know it’s probably not going to work.
  • I limit general directory submissions to a handful of reliable ones.
  • I never outsource link building.
  • I’ve only bought advertisements a few times, and they were never text link ads.
  • Press releases are pretty rare, too. I won’t do one unless there’s actually something worth announcing (although a little experiment of mine from a few years back did earn a bit of notoriety.

Bob Gladstein
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