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Jim Boykin

Jim Boykin

Link Building Secrets Revealed 2008 - Jim Boykin

Link building expert Jim Boykin dishes out a never-before revealed link building strategy.

Here’s one that I believe in, that few people talk about.

I like getting links that get clicks… now I’m not just talking about getting links on relevant pages, I mean links that get clicks.

I wonder if Google assigns more value to links that get clicks over links that don’t get clicks. We know they’ve got the data to track that information, so it wouldn’t surprise me if they’re using that info.

For example, a link that doesn’t ever get a click is not worth nearly as much as a link that get a 10% click through rate.

SO… If we can get link/ad placement in such a way that it will get a high percent of click-throughs it makes the link more valuable, A) for more traffic, and B) in case Google is using click through data, our links will be worth more.

There’s 1 of my “secrets”.

Jim Boykin
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