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Be Top of Mind In Your Industry

When people need the product or service you sell, you want them to think of your brand first. That’s why you have to start building your brand awareness and reputation before they even know they need what you offer.


Social Media Marketing – Social media is a great place to connect with existing customers and build relationships with future customers. But you have to have a plan if you want it to be effective. When you choose Pole Position Marketing for your social media optimization, we’ll assist you with identification of your target audience(s), important influencers, optimal social media channels and key performance indicators (KPIs). We can also work with you to develop strategies to build your presence and brand; to increase follows, shares, likes and comments in your social streams; and to improve conversions.

Content Marketing – Relevant, well-crafted content is the foundation for effective marketing on the web. You build SEO, links, a social media presence—and even your brand—on good content. If executed properly, it has the power to educate readers, capture leads, reinforce your relationship with current customers and increase sales. At Pole Position Marketing, we believe the best online content marketing strategies are based on your business goals, the makeup of your target audiences and the shape of your buying process.

Social Network Advertising – Promoting your social media posts through paid advertising helps you get past restrictive algorithms to reach your target audience. We will employ proven social advertising techniques to get your brand seen and remembered.

Analytics – Brand awareness and reputation is notoriously hard to track, but we know which metrics really matter and how to track them to ensure your campaign is providing the results you are looking for.

Remarketing – It can take several brand mentions before potential customers will remember and recognize your brand. Remarketing helps you get those extra mentions by targeting people who have already visited your site.

Online PR – Public relations has always been an important tool for increasing brand awareness, but online PR allows companies to reach a broader audience that goes beyond the traditional news outlets. We will make sure your content doesn’t just reach readers and potential customers but drives them to your website and the eventual sale.

Link Building – Obtaining inbound links is still a crucial part of SEO and raising your brand awareness in general. We’ll help you gain quality links that will serve your brand well, not just now but for the long haul.