Link Building

Professional Link-building Services that Increase Website Visibility

Link building  – or the practice of garnering quality, relevant links from other websites to yours  – is a cornerstone of any effective search engine optimization (SEO) campaign. It’s one of the best ways to improve your website’s page rankings, credibility and targeted traffic. The more quality links to your site and its content, the better your online presence looks to search engines and readers alike. Think of building links as love and hugs pointing in the direction of your website.

The goal of one-way or inbound link popularity is to get keyword-rich links (also known as anchor text) on external sites pointing to your keyword-optimized pages. At Pole Position Marketing, our professional link-building services focus on seeking out potential linking opportunities with quality sites that are germane to your business or industry. At the heart of our link popularity service strategies lies extensive research, effective content marketing, social media and good, old-fashioned relationship building.

Web marketing evolves almost as fast as Google’s algorithm (we’re pretty sure there’s a connection there), and link-building techniques that rocked the world yesterday may no longer offer you any benefit. We stay on top of the latest changes in our industry and know which link-building practices work the best today and which ones may be tomorrow’s elixir of life.

Build Links via Short- and Long-term Strategies

Getting quality links fast can be challenging. That’s why we recommend doing relatively simple, short-term link building strategies – such as directory submissions, news releases and user-generated content and contests –while putting the majority of time and effort into the most effective long-term methods, which pay the biggest dividends:

  • Building relationships with media outlets, trade publications and bloggers (influencer research, online PR)
  • Creating good, link-worthy content and “socializing it” in ways that encourage clicks and links

At Pole Position Marketing, our link popularity services and campaigns are designed to deliver more lasting search ranking results as quickly as possible. And, because we’re a Web marketing company, we can ensure that your inbound, one-way linking works in concert with all your other online efforts.