Keyword Research

Ongoing Evaluation and Organization

We provide effective keyword research and uncover and organize high-volume, targeted keyword phrases to help you improve search engine optimization. We implement a 4-Phase research strategy:

  • Core-Term Research: We comb your site noting all major and minor keyword themes presented. Then we dig into additional tools to find even more core term variations that will bring in relevant traffic.
  • Search Phrase Research: Taking each core term, we search even deeper, looking for any and all relevant core term qualifiers to produce a targeted list of thousands of highly-targeted phrases.
  • Analysis and Elimination: We begin eliminating less-relevant or poor-performing phrases that won’t provide you with good ROI, leaving only those phrases which should be optimized into your site.
  • Organizing for Success: We sort, categorize and organize all your keywords into targeted keyword groups designed to make optimization easy and effective.

Our keyword research process gathers together all potentially relevant phrases pertaining to your industry, helping you pinpoint high-ROI phrases that hit your targeted audience. Keywords are then grouped together for maximum campaign effectiveness. We then establish the proper page to keyword ratio on the most effective pages to increase your overall effectiveness in both rankings and conversion.