Keyword & Content Optimization

Copy That Drives Traffic and Converts

Expertly written, keyword rich content improves rankings, delivers traffic and helps convert that traffic to profits. Our content optimization edits your existing text to create relevant and optimized content that pleases both the search engine and site visitors. Our copywriters are skilled at creating quality content that converts visitors while also being properly optimized for search engine rankings.

Our content optimization includes…

  • Overview of existing page textual content
  • Writing, re-writing or simply re-working your existing page content to target your keyword phrases
  • Focusing content on both keyword relevance AND sales performance, to drive the customer to purchase your product or services
  • Implementation of textual content into live site upon approval

Optimized Copy Increases Overall Search Relevance

One common question we get is “Why do I need text when my competitor’s site has top rankings and no text at all?” The simple answer is that there are no magic rules that will move you to the top, but there are certain elements that are known to work and work well. While top rankings may be achieved with little or no text, it’s usually based on the strength of the site’s incoming links.

If you have no text, very little text or your most important keywords are not represented on the page effectively, the search engine will assume that the relevance of your site for your keywords is relatively low. In order to increase your site’s relevance for your targeted keyword phrases, it’s important that your site includes keyword-rich content on all relevant pages. By properly optimizing your text, you are telling the search engines what your site is about and which keywords are relevant while also providing valuable content to your visitors.

Professionally optimized text in a well-designed site does more than please the search engines. It also pleases the visitor. There is a common myth that content is bad and graphics are good. While a largely graphical site may provide more eye-candy, it provides very little information to give visitors the comfort and confidence that your products or services are better than your competitors.

Professionally written and optimized content provides your visitors the information they need to make that purchase decision… to purchase from you rather than your competitor. Good content will ensure them that they have found what they are looking for while also providing them quality information on your products or services.