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Why Broken Link Building Is Worth Your Time #linksecrets

Over the last eight years that I have been doing link building and SEO, the game has changed considerably.

When completing link building in today’s market, you need to think of ways in which you can scale the process effectively and in a “Google-safe” manner.

Over the last 12 months my team has been doing a large amount of broken link building. The thing about broken link building is there are plenty of tools on the market, and they take a long time to run. The links they push out are usually not the best, and many of these tools are pay per use.

One tactic I decided to take on was looking at niche-specific dropped domains that develop into sitewide dead links. If one whole site is taken down, you may have from 50 up to thousands of root-level 404 links and dead pages. That being said, usually the higher the quality of the site, the faster spammers will pick up the domain. Continue Reading