mobile friendly similar not same

Mobile Friendly Means Similar–Not the Same–As Desktop

Mobile devices are fast becoming the primary starting point for search. Whether mobile users are looking up information, researching a topic of interest or beginning the process of making a […]

Posted on by Stoney G deGeyter
digital marketing spending PPM

You May Be An Idiot If…

Do you spend more money on your office every month than you do on your website? Well, with all due respect, you just may be an idiot. I’m not trying […]

Posted on by Stoney G deGeyter
eliminate navigation

Why You Should Be Able to Ditch Your Website’s Navigation

Now before you put me in the loony bin for that title, please rest assured I don’t really think you should ditch your navigation. Clear and effective navigation is essential to every […]

Posted on by Stoney G deGeyter
desktop still matters

Sorry Mobile Converts, The Desktop Still Matters

I’ve been writing a lot about mobile marketing and optimization lately primarily because of it’s importance in the search landscape. If your site isn’t mobile-friendly, you can be missing out […]

Posted on by Stoney G deGeyter
website messaging

Website Design Is a Slave to the Message

Not long ago I had one of those “ah-ha” moments. We were quoting a web development project, which included a lot of content needing to be written or updated. Typically,  […]

Posted on by Stoney G deGeyter
mobile design vs desktop design

Mobile Design is Not As Different From Desktop As You Think

Even though mobile marketing is becoming increasingly important, it’s still common for web designers to forget to produce mobile specific wireframes and comps for an in-progress website. That either means […]

Posted on by Stoney G deGeyter
mobile friendly desktop content

Why Your Desktop Content Needs to be Mobile Friendly

With the growth of mobile marketing we get a lot of questions on what that means for content. For the most part, content served to both your mobile visitors and […]

Posted on by Stoney G deGeyter
Web design is web marketing

Web Design IS Web Marketing

Many people don’t realize this but web marketing doesn’t begin when website development ends. Too frequently companies finish their web design and then think about marketing the site on the […]

Posted on by Stoney G deGeyter
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