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Social Media is Sucking the Life Out of My Business!

Learn to use social media to help businessThe single biggest resistance I get when talking to clients about engaging in social media is the amount of time social media requires. Most companies that are not using social media find it overwhelming and difficult to understand. And, they lack the time or resources required to make social media successful for them.

I’m not going to try to convince you otherwise.

My company has recently ramped up our own social media efforts and I have to tell you I find it overwhelming and difficult to understand. I lack the time and resources required to really make it successful for us. But as with anything new, you just gotta push through. Pulling the plug would be conceding defeat in an area where a victory is needed.

Never give up. Never surrender.

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Seven (Non-SEO) Tips to Having a Successful SEO Campaign

Top 7 Tips for Business SuccessIf you ask people if they want to be successful, almost unanimously, they will say yes. But if you watch what people do, you’ll see that they are neither interested in nor committed to doing the things that are required to become successful.

Most people look for ways to “succeed” by investing the least amount of effort possible. That’s why the lottery makes so much money for the government. One dollar can make you extremely rich. If you’re extremely lucky.

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An SEO’s Bill of Rights

In an effort to provide clarity between SEOs and their clients, I created a bill of rights for SEO clients. This post covers the bill of rights for the SEOs.

The rights of the SEO client


The SEO has a right to…

Receive payment from the client for entire amount contracted.

A contract is a contract. If you change your business model, rethink SEO or decide to invest in other marketing avenues, you still have an obligation to fulfill your end of the SEO agreement. If you really want out, talk to your SEO about a proper buyout of your SEO contract.
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The Dirty Little Secret of Conversions, Part 3: Give Customers What They Need

While it’s great to know what people want, when you give them what they want, you only give them a partial solution. The want is the symptom. But, when you address the need, you are addressing the underlying problem and providing a much more holistic solution.

In Part 2 of this series, I started discussing a customers wants versus their needs. I continue this list here.

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Who Needs Profits…When You've Got Good Rankings?!!

Search engine marketing is an intense game of strategy, analysis, and patience. But, it’s also a game with multiple, sometimes even conflicting, goals. Depending on who you talk to you, some will tell you SEO is about rankings, while others will tell you it’s about conversions. It’s a classic political struggle trying to answer the question, “what will bring in the greatest profits?”

You need exposure to get the traffic that leads to new business. But, you need to be user friendly in order to convert the traffic you’re getting into new business. Which comes first, the chicken or the egg?

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Why You Should Never Duplicate Your Competitor's SEO Strategies

Engaging in competitive research before and during your SEO, PPC, Social Media, and Link Building campaigns is smart business. As they say, “information is power.”

But, too much information can also cause a handicap. It’s not too difficult to be so inundated with info. that you get information overload or conflicting advice. That leads to decision paralysis. You don’t know the right course of action to take, or you can wind up using good information to make bad judgment calls.

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15 Questions That Will Change The Way You Think About SEO Forever (Q's 11-15)

As much as the title is vastly overstated, these questions will at the very least help you ponder SEO in a way you hadn’t pondered before. At least that’s my theory.

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15 Questions That Will Change The Way You Think About SEO Forever

All right, I’ll admit, the title is somewhat over dramatic. But, when you don’t have much to offer, hype it up anyway! Kinda like the movies!

This post started from talking about How NOT To Do An Interview: The Basics. What was originally going to be an intro paragraph turned into a full post. When this happens, I just do what I often do… take one idea and make multiple posts out of it. Love it!

What follows are 15 questions I felt were important for a business audience to know about SEO. And, now that I know what I meant when I wrote them (see introduction), I can provide the answers I intended. :) Here are questions 1-5:Continue Reading

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Using Paid Search Campaigns Correctly to Build Your Online Business

Last week, we talked about PPC trick #1 to building your online business for the long-term – using keywords correctly.  This week, let’s talk about another “trick of the trade” that will also help on the way to this goal.

Trick #2 – Using Campaigns Correctly

As the number of targeting options for PPC increases, so do the creative ways in which you can organize your campaigns to get the maximum effectiveness out of them.  As I mentioned last week, for example, you can create a “fishing” campaign and a “bucket” campaign in order to separately control budgeting, bidding and other targeting options to focus your efforts on dominating the locations (search queries) that really put food on the table.

The first thing we have to think about when deciding how to use each campaign is what the goals of each of them are.  As you move into being an advanced PPC manager, you will start to be able to use campaigns not just for the macro-goal of making sales and money, but for more micro-goals within each campaign that will contribute to making the lasting impact of the macro-goal bigger, better and more stable.  So, instead of just one goal (making leads, sales or whatever), your account may look like this…

Campaign #1 – Find search queries that work for my business

Campaign #2 – Maximize search queries that have worked for my business

Campaign #3 – Make search queries that aren’t working for my business, but should be, work for my business.

Why would you do this?  Again, it’s to make obtaining the different micro-goals that contribute to your macro-goal (making money) more efficient.  How do they become more efficient?  By utilizing the different features available for ad serving that are built for the different purposes.  Here’s a couple examples of what I mean…

Keyword Match Types

For example, the different keyword match types serve different purposes.  Broad match is a net that goes out and catches fish (search queries) to advertise on.  Then, you can see if these fish are worth keeping.  Phrase match is more like a fishing pole with specific bait on it to catch more specific kinds of fish.  But, still a fishing tool.  Exact match is the fish.  It’s the exact fish in the Search Engine Sea.


For fishing campaigns, the point is to go out and catch search queries to decide if they’re keepers or not.  So, you want to maximize the amount of search queries and clicks that you get on those search queries.  Remember, this campaign is not directly about ROI or profit.  Thankfully, AdWords has a bidding option called “Automatic Bidding” that serves just this purpose.  When you set your campaign on this bidding option, the AdWords system will maximize the amount of clicks it can get for your set budget.  By doing this, you are most efficiently accomplishing your goal for the campaign, which is finding search queries that will work for your business.

Then, once you find the search queries that work for you, you want to then bid differently because the purpose now changes.  It’s now about maximizing ROI or profit.  Different purposes, different bidding options; so different campaign.  In our “bucket” campaign, we’ll use Maximum CPC bidding or Conversion Optimizer (designed for those purposes) to test what bid levels will accomplish this while increasing performance through optimization.

So, here’s a very simple general layout of how campaigns could be organized differently because of their differing purposes…

There are many more features that make creating campaigns with different purposes possible.  It’s up to you to learn them and then get creative as to how they will help your account.  But hopefully, above and beyond the specifics, the couple of examples I’ve given here will enlighten you to the ways in which you can be creative with targeting/organizing your account to more efficiently accomplish long-term growth.

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