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The 3-3-3 Online Marketing Investment Model


online marketing investment model

Author’s note: It’s election season again, and if political candidates can run for office again and again on the same platforms, then I figured I can dust off my own online marketing investment platform for a whole new set of voters readers. You’ll find this post just as relevant today as it was when originally published in 2012.

I often think about how companies seem to haphazardly invest in online marketing. Some throw all their budget at SEO, leaving no room for PPC. Other businesses put so much money into PPC that they leave little room for social engagement. In 2012, Herman Cain, a quickly forgotten candidate for president presented what he called a 9-9-9 tax plan. Stealing from that theme I have created a 3-3-3 online marketing investment plan that will help you move forward strategically and successfully in your online marketing efforts.

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True Professions of an Inbound Marketer

A few years ago, I went ahead and got myself a nice liberal arts education.  You know, the kind that’s supposed to “prepare you for the real world” by affording you the opportunity to take courses in communications, science, budgeting, psychology, etc.  I must say that it’s a good thing too, considering I landed in the profession that I did.  I was recently working on something and feeling a bit “stretched” out of my comfort zone when I realized just how many hats inbound marketers are called to wear throughout the daily trappings of their careers.

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SEO is Out! Inbound Marketing is in?

Do I need SEO for my website anymore?It seems to be getting more and more difficult to define what exactly SEO is. Is it on-page optimization? Link building? Conversion optimization? Or is just about rankings, and leave the rest of that stuff to someone else?

I think it’s some of both and a little of all. SEO has to focus on more than just “getting rankings” and must use the knowledge of the search engines to bring together all the various online marketing elements into a singular web marketing campaign. People seem to be using the term “inbound marketing” more and more to describe this integrated approach.

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