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7 Reasons to Look Forward to a Road Trip:

Road Trip!

Maybe some of you dread road trips, but I find them to be fun. I enjoy going to conferences and absorbing all the information. I enjoy meeting up with old friends from previous conferences … and I enjoy the humorous antics of one Stoney deGeyter. I thought I’d throw together a list of what I have to look forward to when we go to Small Business Marketing: Unleashed… This list is compiled from last month’s trip to Portland:

  1. Stoney remembers to take his Motion Sickness tablets and doesn’t get sick on the flight
  2. Motion Sick Free

  3. Stoney goes to his room and falls asleep as soon as we got to the hotel (maybe next trip I should bring some no-doz as a puppy-upper after the flight?)
  4. napping

  5. Playing pool w/ the Marchex team, including old friend Matt McGee
  6. shooting pool

  7. Too cool to share the umbrella that someone remembered to bring (Portland Oregon. In March?), Stoney thought his SEMpdx t-shirt worked just as well (by the way Matt, Stoney says thanks for the shirt ;-))
  8. too cool for an umbrella

  9. Forget watching the hotel movies, we watched the first hour of Moulin Rouge on the laptop. (Only the first hour because the rest didn’t record to the laptop. Hey, at least we had speakers for this trip. In San Jose 3 of us huddled around the laptop to hear the movie.)
    Moulin Rouge
  10. Taking the TriMet (gone to the dogs) to the airport, watching a movie on Stoney’s ipod. We didn’t see the coyote though, that would have way too cool.
  11. Stoney almost forgetting to take his Bonnie (remembered as the plane was taxiing away from the gate). I gave him the barf bag, just in case.
    What a baby

So, that now you know some of the lighter side of traveling to conferences, look for me at Unleashed in Houston. I’m sure I’ll have more antics to share with you. Conference is April 21 & 22.

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