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8 Most Effective Web Designing Techniques in 2020

8 Web Design Techniques

Web design in the digital environment is more susceptible to changes in technology. So, designers continue to cope with the increasing number of technically demanding tasks and create innovative, user-friendly, easily understandable and professional websites for business owners.

In 2020, the wider use of mobile devices outperformed stationary computers in terms of the overall use of the internet, download volume, and content viewing. So, have a look at the notable trends in the web design industry in 2020 detailed here below:

1. More Emphasis on the AMP Technology

AMP Graphic

Due to the increasing use of mobile devices for Internet browsing, web designers and developers are emphasizing the use of Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) in web design assignments. With the help of this technology, it’s possible to create pages that are loaded almost instantly on all devices. Presently, AMP has been implemented on more than 1.5 billion pages.

Have a look at the main events related the AMP Technology:

Important Dates Significant Developments
October 7, 2015 Google introduced the AMP project in the market.
February 24, 2016 Google officially launched the AMP.
September 20, 2016 Google included AMP pages in its search results.
November 4, 2016 Google announced the use of a Mobile-first Index.
March 2017 Google organized the AMP Conference and said that it supports the AMP technology for search engines- Baidu, Sogou, and Yahoo Japan.
May 23, 2017 Google started to convert display ads to AMP format and launched targeted AMP pages for search advertising.
The Date is not Published yet The successful launch of the mobile-first index.

AMP pages work in the same way as regular HTML pages. They are supported by all modern browsers and WebView in applications. While creating AMP files, web developers use various technical and architectural solutions to accelerate the downloading speed of content.

You can also place ads on the page and track statistics in an easy way. Furthermore, AMP files can be cached in the cloud. So, content appears quickly on the visitor’s mobile screen.

2. The Increased Demand for Progressive Web Apps

In recent years, the popularity of native mobile applications has surpassed all expectations of mobile Internet users.

Progressive Web applications of the new generation can easily gather information about the best user experience. So, we designers embodied this in mobile applications. This technology first appeared in 2015.

Always keep in mind that PWA does not require installation as you can open the PWA in the browser by simply typing in the URL.

Apart from this, WA corresponds to the latest compatibility standards and work in all modern browsers.

It is also available to users in standalone mode, which stops the nonsense created by a temporary lack of an Internet network. With the HTTPS protocol serves the PWA, it ensures secure data transmission.

3. A Great Need To Create Websites By Monitoring User Behavior

Guessing is not considered an ideal practice in the business world. By using modern solutions, you can easily hat content users like your site and what does not work.

Professionals must know that the more they know about the targeted audience and how they use websites, the better they can optimize it for increased conversions. So, track the user behavior and optimize your website accordingly.

With the help of modern tools like SEMRush, you can obtain a number of invaluable information about visitors, such as clicks, mouse movements, downloads, and scrolls.

You can record their activity to understand how a normal user interacts with your site and pay sufficient attention to each block of the site. Google Analytics, Google Trends, Heatmaps, different types of reports, A / B testing, etc- let you know what works and what does not. Keep all these things in mind and create websites accordingly.

4. The Growing Use of VR and AR in Web Development Projects

Virtual and augmented reality are now used in the web design and development industry as they have more accessible to ordinary users.

In simple words, VR creates independent digital worlds and AR adds digital content to our reality. These two technologies are unquestionable accelerators of interaction with the targeted audience as they cause a very strong emotional interaction.

Apart from this, VR and AR create tremendous possibilities for visualization. So, using these trends and web development technologies, you can increase your audience up to a great extent within a few days.

5. The Increased Use of SSL Protocol and HTTPS

These days, the use of SSL Protocol and HTTPS is increasing with each passing day.

In simple words, SSL (Secure Socket Layer) is a technology that provides an encrypted connection between the browser and the web server to data integrity, encryption and authentication.

Always keep in mind that Some SSL certificates also display your company name in green for better recognition.

Using an SSL certificate protects the confidential information of users and allows them to make transactions without the risk of data loss. So, it increases the trust of customers in your brand and you get more business opportunities.

It also improves the reputation of your business in the eyes of search engines. You must note that Google prefers websites with HTTPS to non-HTTPS websites when it has to display results in its SERP.

On more important thing is that an SSL certificate makes your site safe from various types of online security attacks.

6. The Use of PHP 7 in Website Designing Projects

PHP powers around 82.4% of all sites available on the WWW. The release of PHP 7 has caused a lot of changes in the web design and development industry.

New functions, classes, interfaces, and global constants have appeared with the PHP server. Some PHP functions are now obsolete, but many features are very useful for web designers and developers.

It helps you to compile the code into the machine language using the high-speed engine Just In Time (JIT) and significantly improve the performance of your website.

7. Animation and Transitions Are the foundation of Motion UI

AI, blockbusters, and wide circulation of the library Motion UI- are the next web development trends that are going viral with each passing day. You can easily work with Motion UI as the library package includes a CSS file with ready-made effects and other files, which allows you to create your own animations without seeking someone’s help.

You can easily move site elements, add transition effects to create single CSS animations and even rows and groups of animations.

So, in 2020, it seems that Motion UI is one of the key areas of web design and development as it allows professionals to add simplicity, flexibility and universal character to almost all web projects and applications.

8. The Increased Use of Chatbots and Artificial Intelligence

These days, there is a great buzz about artificial intelligence in the web development industry.

Almost all big IT companies, such as Facebook, Google, Microsoft, IBM, and Amazon, have started to use AI and chatbots to increase the profit margins.

As a matter of fact, Chatbot is a computer program based on machine learning and natural language processing.

It acts as a virtual interlocutor and helps people to search for specific information, make transactions, interact with brands, find the solution to problems, etc, easily and effortlessly.

Many leading web designers and developers argue that by 2020, AI-based technologies will most probably incorporate voice recognition technology and change the way visitors use the WWW and interact with brands.

Final Remarks

All web designers and developers must be prepared for changes at all times. These are some latest web designing techniques for 2020. Just use them to create user-centric, professional, and eye-catching websites & help business organizations to multiply their profits by leaps and bounds.

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