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9 Paths of SEO Enlightenment, Part II

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A website is much like a home. In order for it to function as intended it has to be built to be structurally sound top to bottom. On the web you can think of search engine spiders as the building inspector who come by from time to time making sure that all areas of your site can be properly access. This isn’t a perfect analogy of course because the search engines don’t issue citations if your site has blocked access to a bedroom. That, and they are also taking stock of your valuables, something that we probably wouldn’t appreciate any home inspector to do!

But you can also think of your human visitors as friends that you invite over. Not only do they admire the contents and aesthetics of your home but they also want to make sure they can find certain, ah, facilities, should the need arise.

A properly built web site will ensure that the search engine spiders are able to access all pages of your site with more importance placed on the more important pages. It will also insure that the human visitors are able to accomplish their goals, either finding the information they came for and/or purchasing your product or service.

When optimizing a website we are often faced with tough decisions. What changes should we make? What will be the effect of those decisions? Ideally you want to make changes that only enhance the search engine and user experience. In the last installment I looked at three paths of SEO that quite simply are not your best options. When updating or changing your website any recommended change that falls into any of those three categories should simply be avoided. Today I’m going to discuss three more paths. While none of these are ideal options they do present better choices than the paths addressed previously.

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