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Advertizers are Giddy Over the new iPod

Advertisers seem to really like the idea of being able to download television shows onto your iPod, even though those shows are commercial free. You’ll have to click the link for more on that. Personally, I like the idea of getting my TV shows on my iPod, but I don’t think this idea has fully developed yet.

Why would I pay $2 for a show that I can just watch at home (on my own schedule, thank you TiVo!) for free? Sorry, just not going to happen, unless I’m traveling, really bored and don’t have any movies to watch.

When TiVo gets in on the iPod style action, then I’ll be impressed. I’ve been saying for months (to those who know me) that TiVo needs a TiGo… an portable iPod style device that allows me to plug into my TiVo box and transfer shows to the portable, to watch at my convenience when away from home, for free!

TiVo could even offer an Internet-only service allowing people without TiVo boxes to record shows onto their PC and download into their TiGo. A small monthly subscription fee for unlimited recording, just like a real TiVo.

Perhaps it’s only a matter of time before iPod offers a month subscription fee, rather than a per-show download fee. If advertisers like the idea of television to go, they should find a way to make this happen.

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