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Android 11 Developer preview – Know What’s Google Aim and Developers Expectation

Android 11 Developer Preview’, the phrase is enough to excite every developer. Developers are keen to welcome the latest version of Android. They have already started expecting a lot from Android 11 since its preview was released in the month of February. A wide range of exciting settings menu was identified during the preview. However, the most talked-about secret was Battery Share.

Basically, this is kind of similar to wireless charging, but it can have a few additional features too. It empowers smartphone users to charge the phone wirelessly without any hassle. However, it is also important to make sure that the wireless charging pad is compatible with smartphones. The world has seen the potential of wireless capabilities. Although, this is just one of the hidden features of Android 11. In this article, we will explore more about Android 11, and what to expect from it.

What’s in store for the developers?


One of the major expectations from Android 11 is GWP-ASan’s heap analysis. In this version of Android, the company is trying to make the most of a wide range of tools. Basically, the main objective of Google is to boost the security-sensitive elements of the Android platform as well as mobile applications. In the preview, Google has included GWP-ASan. A new way that’s being offered to the developers to determine and solve the problems related to memory safety.

It is nothing but a very highly advanced sampling allocation solution. GWP-ASanis used to identify the heap memory problems with the least overhead. Also, the impact on performance is reduced significantly. GWP-ASan is enabled by the company to run in a default manner. It can be easily enabled in mobile applications too. In case your mobile application utilizes the native code or libraries, in that case, Google would like to suggest you enable GWP-ASan. Along with that, you may want to enable testing too.

Enhanced mobile application permissions

Mobile application permissions is another secret that Android unveiled in the preview of Android 11. The company was trying very hard to solve the mobile application permissions related problems in many of the previous updates. And, now, in this latest version of the platform, Google has made sure that it solves the app permission related problem.

The latest version of Android offers better app permission features. The latest feature will allow the developers to add a feature in the application to revoke a mobile application’s permission. However, permission could only be revoked when the application is not being used for a few months. This will be a fantastic feature to help users from malicious applications.

Extended Screenshots

Screenshots were introduced by Google a few years back and they have turned out to be quite useful for the users. Screenshots are pretty popular amongst the users. In Android 11, Google has added the features related to screenshots, extended screenshots.

Extended screenshots will enable the users to easily capture extended screenshots. The users won’t have to rely on third-party apps for taking such kind of screenshots. Although, some platforms and devices already offer the option to take extended screenshots. However, in Android 11 extended screenshot could be made a native feature.

Updating the reasons to exit the application

Sometimes, the mobile application can exit for a wide range of reasons. A few of the top reasons can be crash. However, at times, a user action could also lead to the exit of the application. Every application owner would like to know the exact reason for the application exit.

Also, you may want to know the current state of the app when it was being exited. Android 11 will make it convenient for the users to know the reason behind the exit. The exit reasons API would help you to get more information related to the recent app exits. In Android 11 Preview you would find new APIs which are related to the app exits. You may want to explore them more in order to find the best ones to use them.

Ease of terminating recurrent notifications

Every developer would like to add features in the platform that would make it easy for the users to terminate current notifications. Although, Android users are able to terminate many notifications in Android 10. Recurrent notifications usually disturbs the users while application is running in the background.

And, the situation becomes worse, when the users aren’t able to dismiss the notifications. Android 11 will enable the users to easily get rid of all the notifications without any hassle. These notifications will be transferred to your history panel. You will able to tap on the history panel to see all the recurrent notifications, even when the app is running in the background.

Plenty of new things could be expected from Android 11. The developers, as well as the users, have a lot of expectations from Android 11. And, there have been many discussions related to the new features in Android 11. Also, it may contain several new APIs, etc. to allow the developers to make more advanced applications.

The preview of Android 11 was quite exciting for Android developers and users. And, still, a lot of new things could be expected in the release of the new version of the application, thus the Android App Developers India has a keen eye on the new release.

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