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Another Search Engine: Smplr

I recently discovered a neat little search engine called Smplr. Now like most of the SEO community, I often gripe about the sheer number of useless niche search engines. But Smplr could be useful for some users.

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The site has a simple search function and allows users to use certain triggers to specify a type of search:

  • go:(open a supplied url)
  • ebay:(ebay)
  • buy:(pricegrabber)
  • wiki:(wikipedia)
  • film:(imdb)
  • tv:(epguide)
  • news:(google news)
  • mmm:(recipes)
  • [anything] is a Google search

Users can use these tags to search for a number of things (tv:the office, buy:ipod, blogs:emarketing performance.) I used Smplr to find some delicious recipes for vegetarian chili (mmm:vegetarian chili) and was pleasantly surprised by the results.

Searching couldn’t be any simpler than with Smplr (I majored in cheesey tag lines in college.)

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