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Article Theft and Spam Generation

spamI recently found an article of mine posted on another website. Normally that would be a good thing as this article was distributed to a couple of article distribution sites. The original distribution site provides full bio information on each of their articles, but the offending site didn’t get the article from here, they got it from another article distribution site that got it from the original distribution site.

That happens not too infrequently, but what usually happens along the way is that somebody (accidentally?) doesn’t bring the bio information over from the original source. That’s what happened here. But here is where things get upsetting. The site that pulled the article bills itself as a keyword stuffing and article rewrite tool. So here my article is on another site, without proper author attribution, advocating users to auto generate content by pulling information from other people’s original content.

Hmm, sounds an awful lot like theft to me. And it seems they know it too, per this disclaimer:

This is an unethical search engine optimization (SEO) technique, use at your own risk!

This is somewhat nullified by the following text on the site:

Keyword stuffing is used to obtain maximum search engine ranking (SEO) and visibility for particular phrases.

Reminds me of drug paraphernalia. “Hey, I just sell the stuff, I don’t advocate drug use!”. Whatever.

After exchanging a few emails the owner of the site said that the tool isn’t what I think it is but failed to tell me how I was misinformed by his website. Emphasis below is mine.

As you may know, the search engines are continuing to improve their ability to detect and penalize “duplicate content”.

So, this amazing tool has just released for solves the issue of duplicate content. This tool will generator a Unique New Article by the keyword your provide, or take your article, and convert it into a Unique New Article. That’s right, unique content (that’s what the search engines love.).

The ramifications of this new tool are huge. I mean, do you know what this means!!??? This means you can write one article and multiply your efforts by turning it into several articles. OR you can simply take a private label article and instantly make it your own unique content!!!

It’s pretty easy to get your hands on private label articles these days, so basically this means that anyone can now establish themselves as an expert in their niche by taking some private label articles and converting them into any number of unique articles!

If only it were that easy to establish oneself as an authority. Imagine if your mechanic or dentists became an authority by this means!

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