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Ask Me Why I'm Excited About Search Engine Strategies (SES) Conference in San Jose!

I just ran through the entire schedule for the Search Engine Strategies conference next week in San Jose and have marked off each of the sessions I want to attend. There are several sessions with multiple topics at the same time so I’m going to have to pick one of the two (one of three in one case). I’m looking forward to attending sessions in pretty much each of the tracks. I’ve got sessions marked in the Fundamentals Track …the Advertising Track… the Contextual Track… the Conversion Track… the Vertical Track… Issues Track and the Clinics Track. I think I’m going to be one very very busy girl!!

Here’s the list for what I hope to hear:

  • Intro to Search Marketing
  • Ads in a Quality Score World
  • Search Advertising 101
  • Advanced Paid Search Techniques
  • Ad Testing, Research & Findings
  • Converting Visitors Into Buyers
  • Creating Compelling Ads
  • Landing Page Testing and Tuning
  • So You Want To Be A Search Marketing
  • Shopping Search Tactics
  • B2B Tactics
  • Site Clinic
  • Ad Copy & Landing Page Clinic

Pole Position Marketing Team

Stoney got us all “uniform” shirts to wear. If you see any of us from Pole Position Marketing, stop and say “Hi” – I’ll be the one swimming in the Mens small – I could almost get away wearing mine as a skirt, albeit a very mini mini skirt. But I love them, they’ll make an incredible statement. I was trying to describe to someone how we came up with the idea, and I realized I couldn’t really pin down who came up with the idea. It was truly a collaborative team effort coming up with the final result.

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