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Become A Qualified Google Adwords Critic In 90 Minutes Or Less

Well, it is official: We have renewed our Google AdWords Professional Status for yet another year. For anyone who’s ever taken this test, you already know how silly and ridiculous some of the questions can be. Some of them are flat out gimmes, where some of them don’t even give you the right answer (or number of correct answers) to select. I wish I had grabbed screen shots of the questions I am referring too, but I didn’t. What I did do was copy/paste them into a Word file. At least I have some of the stranger examples of the questions.

I won’t share all of my rants, just my favorite. The question had radio buttons for the answer. You all know the kind, only one choice is available, no possible way to select more than one answer, correct or not. What was so amusing about this question in particular is that it asked: Along with text ads and image ads, which of the following are also available as Google AdWords ad formats (Select all that apply)? What cracks me up is the suggestion to Select all that Apply. Hello?! They’re radio buttons. You can’t select more than one. But that was okay, because the 5th option was correct: All of the Above. Nice and convenient eh? I considered that one a gimme.

My fellow team members are glad they weren’t here after hours to hear me tell the Prometrics test what stupid questions they were asking. But maybe it was me that was stupid. For anyone who hasn’t taken the GAP test, I suggest that you commit yourself to going through one of the sample tests before you take the real thing. Take the full hour and a half, watch the timer, and see how long it takes you to get through the questions. You’re likely to have plenty of time left over to review the questions you marked for review. When I took the sample test, I had 104 questions and 30 minutes leftover to review them. For the real deal I had 111 questions, and closer to 40 minutes leftover for review. The sample test was a good review – good confidence builder – and good study/practice too.

So until next year … it’s a done deal.

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