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3 Benefits of Using an RSS Reader for Link Building

The Internet is a great place to find information, and it totally rocks as a way to connect with niche writers and interest groups. Of course, the field is vast, and if you’re working hard to get others to link to your exceptional website content (it is exceptional, right?), you’ve got a lot of ground to cover.

Hopefully, you’re a link-building organizational wiz. But if you’re not organized by nature, or are just getting started with your link-building efforts, you may soon find yourself in the abyss of overload, which (I probably don’t need to tell you) can lead to expensive trips to the therapist’s office. I’d like to offer you some ideas that can help with information organization, just in time to avert therapy.

Using an RSS reader will make your online life copacetic by…

Bringing New Content To You

Let’s say you’re trying to follow five different blogs and build relationships with the bloggers by reading everything they write. Assuming you aren’t using an RSS reader, you’ll have to go to each blog to check for new posts. This might be something you attempt to do everyday, if you remember. If not, you might check it once a week and have posts to read that will now take up your entire weekend (better cancel that hot date).

With a reader, you can subscribe to any URL; when there is new content, it will show up in your reader. It’s the one-stop shop for all your reading needs! I use the reader that is integrated into my Gmail, providing me with a constant reminder to check for new posts.

Organizing Your Content Into Folders

You can segment the websites you are subscribing to in a way that works best for you. Now you can organize your organization. I like to separate my bloggers into categories based upon what they write about. For instance, I have a folders for “SEO,” “Link Building,” “Social Media” and general “Web Marketing.” Then I have one folder titled, “Building Relationships With.” This is my key folder. These are the people I’m trying to get to know, and so I read everything they publish.

If you have an RSS reader, I highly recommend creating a folder with a similar strategy. (If you don’t have a one, I’m sure you will after reading this post). Here are the bloggers that are currently keeping the gerbil wheels spinning with great content and actionable link building strategies:

Anthony D. Nelson (@anthonydnelson), Northside SEO – Anthony covers an array of topics, but lately he has been writing a lot about link building. He offers some great ideas you don’t want to miss.

Tadeusz Szewczyk (@onreact_com), SEO 2.0 –  Tad (as many call him) writes posts that you’ll always learn from. His perspective is unique, and although he covers intermediate topics, he presents them in a way that even those new to SEO can use.

Chris Dyson (@RootsWebSol), Triple SEO – Chris is the master of tips, tricks and tools that will save you time and help you do your job better.

Josh Davis (@JoshD), LL Social – Josh covers a variety of topics, but his focus is – you guessed it – social media. He will keep you in the loop about the latest changes and updates across copious social media platforms.

Joel Chudleigh (@deepfootprints), Deep Footprints – Joel offers transparent techniques, and he is always willing to engage in thoughtful dialogue.

Promoting Your Business

In addition to using a RSS reader to follow blogs, you can set one up for your own blog. Giving your readers the ability to subscribe to your RSS feed is advantageous to increasing your regular readership. Not only is this good for promoting your blog, but it also encourages your audience to engage and interact with the content.

Finally, there are link opportunities in submitting your blog to directories and social bookmarking sites. There are RSS directories specifically for RSS feeds. Finding relevant directories to submit to can get your blog in front of fresh eyes, leading to a new targeted readership. 

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