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Go Blog Yourself: Writing Your Blog Posts with Pen in Hand and SEO In Mind

As a general rule bloggers tend to be really full of themselves. Just as a person needs a certain amount of ego to run for political office, you have to think pretty highly of yourself to write a blog. On the most basic level, you have to think that someone actually cares what you have to say, otherwise you’d just keep your ramblings hidden away in a Word document on your computer’s hard drive. And perhaps people do care. After all, you’re reading this blog post right now. But the danger is that as more people begin reading what one has to say on their blog, the more highly one tends to think of him or herself.

Blog VanityBut who am I to condemn? You’re reading my blog post and making me think more highly of myself. But I’ll share. You’re welcome to get in on some of the ego action with your comments below! See? It doesn’t always have to be all about me.

But just because an over-inflated ego causes you to believe people want to hear what you have to say doesn’t mean you don’t have some valuable or important to contribute to the worldwide discourse on your given topic. As a business owner, communication is key and there is no better way to start a dialogue with your target audience than to start a blog.

The necessity of the ego doesn’t devalue the quality of your message in any way. Again, just like a politician requires an ego, it is often that very ego that helps them get things done, hopefully for the betterment of their constituents. If you think highly of yourself as a blogger, in sufficient proportions, you’re well on your well to being able to put together quality content that gets read, repeated, passed on, commented about and–most importantly–processed and put to good use.

Writing a good blog, if you do it right, will really have less to do you than your visitors. While you have to think you’ve got something to say, it’ll be your visitors that confirm that thought or not. And while you may like the ego boost you get from growing your readership, you can also be providing a valuable service to those in need of such information.

Not to put it too bluntly, but the desire to blog often coincides with the desire for sex. You may feel the need to get what you want to say out there for public consumption, but it’s only going to be any good if you are making someone else happy with it. That’s what we’ll be exploring in this series of blog posts. How to write blog posts that target your audience, capture their attention, and keep them coming back for more.

I know nobody writes blog posts with a pen as the title suggests, but I think you get the suggestive innuendo. We’ll use that theme to further explore what it takes to put together a good blog. Not just a good blog post, but a good blog that gets read, repeated, passed on, commented about, processed and put to good use.

Oh, and we’ll also make sure to cover some of the SEO basics in writing your post. If you’ve got a great body, no sense keeping it locked in a closet.

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