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Book Review: Bag the Elephant

Bag the Elephant!
How to Win & Keep BIG Customers
by Steve Kaplan
208 Pages, $11.97
Published July, 2005

At just over 200 pages, Bag the Elephant took me a considerable amount of time to actually finish. While the principles are presented quite simply, it’s jam packed with tips and strategies that take some time to digest.

The elephant in questions is the large corporate client. The one that brings in the big money. Bag the Elephant walks you through the process of first understanding the elephant, to “Romancing” them and then on to leveraging them for even more gain for you. While focusing primarily on the Big accounts, the principles here can easily be applied to small and medium size accounts, if that is where your target audience is.

Kaplan also dives into common mistakes many people make with their clients and teaches you how to avoid them. I found the fifth mistake most enlightening. Many feel that if they just had that one elephant, then they would be rolling in the dough. But what many forget is that with big elephants come big expenses, and often times, if cards have been misplayed, you’ll find profits decreasing rather than increasing after bagging your elephant.

This book is a must read for anybody hoping to hit it big by snagging an elephant of their own. And if you’re just a small guy, maybe it’s time you start thinking bigger.

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