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Book Review: Net Words by Nick Usborne

Net Words by Nick UsborneNet Words
Creating High-Impact Online Copy
Author: Nick Usborne
Paperback: 224 pages, $12.03
Published: November, 2001

After reading a string of very poor SEO books I’ve been lucky to hit upon another string of some of the best business and web marketing books available. Net Words by Nick Usborne is no exception to that latter trend. This is easily one of the most fantastic books I’ve read when it comes to web marketing. Nick has an incredibly easy to read style of writing and offers plenty of examples providing real differences between good copy and great copy.

Great copy is what Net Words is all about. Whether you’re developing copy for your website, newsletter or email campaign, Nick gives us usable concepts and ideas on how to make your copy unique, interesting and (best of all) able to convert your visitors into customers. Net Words isn’t just about creating good copy, its about creating an environment through words. It’s about creating an experience for your users that make them keep coming back to you for more.

I have yet to read a more important book on copywriting than this one!

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