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Book Review: Quantum Business

Quantum BusinessQuantum Business
Author: Bobbi DePorter with Mike Hernacki
Paperback: 384pages, $1.04 (used)

After picking this book up and reading the first several pages I almost put it down. Unfortunately it’s a slow start with a lot of background on the author’s business ventures. Once I got past that, however, Quantum Business was a book I could hardly put down. You might find their cartoon character, “Captain Q”, to be a bit silly, but don’t let that be a reflection on the content of the book itself.

Quantum Learning is all about finding means and methods for improving your personal and business skills. You’ll learn:

• How to find your own intrinsic motivation
• The power of taking responsibility for your life
• How to identify your preferred learning style
• How to take meaningful notes
• How to read faster with greater comprehension
• The benefit of turning failure into feedback
• How to memorize anything: names, numbers and lists
• Creative thinking and problem solving
• The power of clear communication

One of the drawbacks in which books that offer how to scenarios is that they only provide a single way (the authors way) of doing things. Quantum Learning doesn’t push the reader into a single method that may or may not be right for them. Instead the authors offer multiple methods and variations which allow the reader to find a method most suitable to them.

For instance, one of the sections I found most interesting was learning how to read faster and with more comprehension. The authors provided not just one or two scientifically proven ways to improve reading skills, but three. Being able to test each method I found one that was most comfortable to me. I must add that this immediately improved my reading speed!

The chapter I found least helpful was on memorization, due to the amount of detail and, well memorization, involved in just being able to learn how to memorize through the methods they had shown. But even still I walked away with the basic idea which I have since applied and was able to remember something I would have otherwise forgotten.

Quantum learning isn’t a self-help book; it’s a book about training yourself to do things in ways that you probably had never thought about before. In doing so, you’ll find yourself far more productive, able to do and remember far more than before and able to achieve a new level of success in every area of your business life.

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