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Book Review: Winning Results with Google AdWords

Winning Results with Google Adwords
Author: Andrew Goodman
Paperback: 352 pages, $16.49
Published: 2005

google bookAnybody that is involved in PPC, whether it be for clients or for your own website, Winning Results with Google AdWords is a must-read, for experts and beginners alike. This book is written in a manner that will not bore the experts nor be “over the head” of beginners. Winning Results covers everything from how to write the best ads, to convincing the boss the importance of PPC advertising.

What I found most valuable was Goodman’s strategy for campaign/adgroup structure and classification; it makes so much sense yet it’s not something obvious to one that hasn’t been exposed to his ideas. With the introduction of Microsoft adCenter, and the soon-to-be released YSM Panama, this book takes on even more importance, as these new platforms are all very similar to the Google AdWords platform. Thus the knowledge you’ll attain from the book is applicable beyond AdWords.

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