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Brand Like a Rock Star

Brand Like a Rock StarBrand Like A Rock Star: Lessons from Rock ‘n Roll to Make Your Business Rich and Famous
Author: Steve Jones
Paperback: 200 pages
Cost: $10.17
Published: October, 2011

As a music fan, I loved Brand Like a Rock Star. Steve Jones did a fabulous job of using bands we all know and love (and some we hate) to illustrate marketing and branding tips that every business can use. Using the world of Rock and Roll to illustrate important business branding tips, did more than give me food for thought, it really made it come alive in my mind.

Music is something we can almost all relate to and I’m sure every reader will recognize the tremendous job these brands (and bands) have done to market themselves over the years. Rock Star is full of examples of how some of the biggest brands in the world got that way, not just through their music but by implementing tried and true branding strategies.

Unlike many business books, Rock Star is very easy to read. And even if you don’t want the branding lessons, Rock Star can be read just for the entertainment value. I loved learning about the bands just as much as I enjoyed the branding tips. But if you have a love for both, as I do, Rock Star is the perfect mix of business and entertainment.

And if you love “bonus features” be sure to check out the downloadable companion.


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