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Check Me Out In San Jose

It’s conference season for us over on the West Coast. Actually, conference season is all year, but I tend to stick to attending those that are close by… which all seem to happen in the last 2/3 of the calendar year. No worries, we’re all geared up to go. Sunday Rob, Diana and I will be heading over to San Jose for Search Engine Strategies.

Stoney's Shirt

We’ll all be sporting our new Gas Attendant shirts that we had made up. If you see us floating around, be sure to interrupt, push people aside, tackle whoever is in the way and introduce yourself. Ask us a few questions, buy us dinner… you know… the usual stuff.

I honestly haven’t determined what sessions I’ll be attending, probably whatever is of interest that Rob and Diana won’t be at. I like to keep my options open until the last minute. I wanted to speak this year but I was one of the many not selected. I know… how dare they. Especially after my brilliant performance at SEMpdx. No worries, sometimes it’s just nice to go, relax and enjoy the free-flow of information.

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