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ThePerfectURL.biz or SomethingClose.com?

Choosing a top level domain can  impact people's ability to find your site.

It’s pretty hard to find the perfect .com URL these days. To make more URLs available, ICANN (the agency in charge of regulating domains) has created numerous new TLDs (top level domains). This, ostensibly, creates millions of additional options for businesses to find and register the “perfect” URL.

[inlinetweet prefix=”null” tweeter=”null” suffix=”null”] While it’s great to have options, the .com TLD is still the most valuable[/inlinetweet]. Tell anyone that your site is ILoveTo.surf, RentMy.land or FindMeHere.travel, inevitably by the time they get back to their computer, they are going to type in ILoveToSurf.com, RentMyLand.com or FindMeHere.com.

If you happen to also own those .com TLDs, great! Chances are you don’t, though, and someone else does. So you just sent those visitors to a potential competitor at worst or a dead page at best. Either way, they didn’t land on your site, which is what you wanted to begin with.

No matter how many TLDs options are available to you, until people get the .com out of their minds as the default domain, any other TLDs are going to be less superior.

Which brings us back to the title question. Would you rather have ThePerfectURL.biz or SomethingClose.com?

I’d go with SomethingClose.com. It may not be exactly what you want, but if you keep hunting, you’ll eventually find a .com that works sufficiently with your business. And it’s better to drive traffic to your own inferior URL than somebody else’s perfect URL.

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