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Choosing a Web Host Provider That Wont Jack Your Rankings

Recently I received a call from a former client, concerned that their website was down. We helped them set up their web host services with a nationally recognized company and provided them all the information they needed to manage their account before continuing on with our other services.

Then one day we got a call. They were frantic and concerned (and not without a heavy dose of blame on us) because the site had been down and nobody could figure out why. We were the last people they entrusted their site to so we were the obvious culprit contact.

Ultimately everything got worked out, but when it come time to renew their services with the web host provider the credit card on file had expired, as had their primary contact email addresses. The web host went no further in trying to contact the company (anyone hear of a phone?) before disconnecting the account.

Our former client was able to get web hosting restored and all was well with the world, with the exception singular exception that they continue to use the same web host provider.

Web hosting, like sex, is generally one of those things you don’t think about unless you don’t have it or until there is a problem. Web hosting is often considered as one of the web site’s “utilities,” similar to how you need to pay your electric bill in order to keep the lights on. But the simplicity of setting up an account with the electric company and having them send out the monthly meter-reader pales in comparison to setting up a web hosting account. The hosting package you choose will play a significant role in the overall performance of your site.

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