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Teaching Internet Marketing Course at Local Community College

A friend of mine is the Program Director at the local community college here in Reno. Last week she has asked me if I would be interested in teaching a Workforce Development course on “Internet Marketing” this next fall. This call came just a couple of days after I had already started putting together presentation material for a local seminar. Having already created a rough outline, I readily agreed to teach this course.

To be honest, I’m both nervous and excited. I have plenty of “teaching” experience so I’m comfortable with that aspect, but I’m a bit nervous about making sure that the class is fun, exciting and informative enough that will also fill the time required.

I’m a big fan of nervousness as I think it can be a catalyst to propel people to do better than they otherwise might have. The appearance of nervousness (especially with public speaking) is rarely a good thing, but anything that pushes someone to prepare and perform just a little bit better is all for the best. There is nothing worse than listening to someone who was too confident and therefore gave a less than stellar presentation.

So I’m doing my homework! I got onto amazon.com and purchased several hundred dollars worth of search engine optimization and online marketing materials, not to mention a few high-profile ebooks on the subject as well.

While I’m reading through this material I thought I would also provide some short reviews along the way. I’m a notoriously slow reader so I don’t expect to provide a review a day so I’ll be lucky if I get get through one book every couple of weeks, but when I do I’ll try and provide a short summary of my thoughts and value of the material.

In the mean time I will be expanding on my course outline. If you know of any good material that I should read, shoot me an email and give me a heads up. Any marketing, SEO or search related humor/stories will be useful as well. Send them to [email protected].

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